Go-cart race on DK's longest track

Kart Racing Vojens has Denmark's largest outdoor go-carting track and offers speed and fun on 4 wheels for the whole family or group. Come and feel like a racing driver for a day when you take your seat in a go-cart, step on the accelerator and feel the rush. 


If you are a larger group looking to race against each other or in teams, Kart Racing Vojens offers some awesome group events. 


After the race, you can buy a small refreshment or a bite to eat in the cafeteria.


At Kart Racing Vojens you can try:

  • Grand Prix: Here it is all versus all.
  • Formel 1: A time race for starting positions and then a long race.
  • Lemans: You are racing in teams and the winner will be the team that has completed the most laps when the bell rings.
  • Time race: Racing on track number 1, track number 2, or both tracks combined.
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Kart Racing Vojens
Tingvejen 27
6500 Vojens
+45 2425 2253
Go-cart race on DK's longest track